Do you Love Freskos?

Then you’ll love the story of Freskos! It’s a true love story between a woman from Paris and a man from Greece destined to combine their passions for Mediterranean flavors.

usSeveral years ago, a lovely young Parisian woman decided to visit her ailing grandmother, Yia Yia in San Diego.  She found San Diego’s balmy beaches and pleasant people alluring and was easily convinced by her grandmother to stay the summer in San Diego.  One morning, Sandrine encountered a gentleman’s fine Greek feta and olive oils at a farmer’s market.  Sandrine had come from a long line of professional chefs and thought her summer could be spent working for a great artisan food company that reminded her of her Mediterranean lifestyle back in France.  The Greek gentleman, “Papou” as he would later become known to her, was impressed by Sandrine’s eagerness and aptitude to assist in the business.  Papou soon introduced Sandrine to his dashing son, John.  This introduction would change Sandrine’s life forever.

The summer passed quickly, and Sandrine never returned to Paris.  She and John were meant to be together and soon created Freskos, a fresh and simple Greek artisan food company.  Now married, the couple enjoys creating new flavors and Mediterranean creations while building Freskos into a national brand.